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About the Treasure Chest

About the Treasure Chest

Laurinda Seabra and Joe Stokes welcomes you to their antiques, vintage and collectibles store in Lagos. Laurinda is the antiques and vintage expert, while Joe takes care of the administrative, warehousing and logistics aspects of the business.




For Laurinda, it all started with an antique tea cup in South Africa more than 40 years ago that she received as a gift. That tea cup acted as a catalist for a passion for antiques.

Along the years to that one tea cup, many others were added, and then came plates, glasses, furniture, jewellery … and many other odds and ends. And before she knew it, she had became a collector of unusual antique and vintage items, although her passion continues to be tableware, art and vintage jewellery.


It was a natural step wanting to share our passion for antiques and vintage with clients and prospective clients, taking into account that we are all made up of memories and dreams that have been fueled by curiosity, sharing and the desire to always know more. And that is what led to the launch of the Treasure Chest antiques and vintage store in 2024.

According to our clients that has visited the store, and took a guided tour, all commented that their experience was like visiting a truly beautiful Aladdin's cave, and required multiple visits to really absorb all that is on offer.


Our commitment to excellence, means that we continuously search for quality pieces. Our curatorship focus is for trustworthy transactions between sellers and buyers.


Although the business launch in Lagos is recent, for many decades Laurinda's collector friends confirmed and appreciated her curation methods and processes along the years.

Throughout Laurinda's and Joe's lives, the focus has always reinforced a business culture centered on proximity to clients and the provision of a service of excellence. Our commitment to all clients has not changed, as we venture into the launch of an international web based business. Concurrently we will continue to retain a retail shop based in Lagos which we use to display our finest goods, and to offer the client a more personal service for those who like to discuss their needs in a face-to-face environment.

At The Treasure Chest we try to cater for all styles and tastes, and believe this is reflected in tour stock as you can find anything from 15th century items up to late 20th century. We work hard to ensure that we provide the client with a quality experience from start to finish.

The Treasure Chest specializes in silverware, dinnerware, porcelain, paintings and furniture.


The Treasure Chest owners

Laurinda and Joe